How to hide input control in jasper server

I have a requirement like need to hide the input control based on the field returns from the jrxml.
For example i have table called emp and in that i want to hide the column called 'comm'. I have a query to return the value whether it is enabled or disabled.
If the value return 0 we need to hide the comm in the table in ireport and if the value returns 1 we need to show the comm in the table in ireport.
I could able to hide/show based on the value returned in the jrxml(in the table). 
I have a input control in named comm in jasperserver, so i need to hide the input control based on this flag(field value)
I knew that we have cascading input controls, but it may hide the input controls based on another parameter. In this case it might not work for me.
Please clarify me if i am doing wrong about cascading.
Any one aware of this, if yes please provide your suggestions. It is urgent requirement.
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