Cannot "Build All" subreports in Jaspersoft Studio



I am using TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio and I have a report with 15 subreports embeded in the main report in this way:

<reportElement x="0" y="320" width="1000" height="20" uuid="504fbc60-0036-46a1-9a04-d42bda10a85f"/>
When I open the main report and click "Project -> Build All" (or press Ctrl+B) it compiles only the main report and does not compile subreports (it does not create *.jasper files).
When I open each of them and compile individualy then it works well.
Is there any way to compile all subreports at the same time?
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I resolve the issue by selecting "Clean..." option first and after that I go for " Build All" option.

asfandyar.khalil - 3 years 6 months ago

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If they are all in the same folder, you can right-click the folder in Project Explorer and select Build All.. There is also a Build All button on the toobar, that builds everything in the Workspace.

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