JDBC Report SQL using URL params for columns and values

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So I got a Report working utilising parameters. 

Said parameters are used in the reports sql query e.g

SELECT * FROM table WHERE paramter_column = $P{url_parameter1}

Now, does anyone know if it is possible to also utilise a paramter in subsitute of a hard coded sql query column in the form of paramter_column. E.g

SELECT * FROM table WHERE $P{url_parameter1} = $P{url_parameter2}

Would make the report I am trying to make a alot more dynamic and adapatable, one template to suit multiple report types instead of having several report tamplates hard coded. So far when i try the above, the report throws an error. 

Any help appreciated. 



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So the accpeted answer does work, just beware trying to use it for multiple columns of diffeent data types. You many have to do parsing etc. Have to investiagte more. 

markwilliamson101 - 5 years 4 months ago

1 Answer:

Probably have to use $P!{query} format. Check the following page for details.



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