Print When Expression acts different when scheduled vs run on server

Hi all,
I have the following expression on a subreport "Print When Expression":    
This works fine when running the report on Jasper Server and shows/hides the subreport as desired, based on the selection of a checkbox.
The issue I am having is that when I schedule the report to run, using JASPER SERVER/Scheduled Jobs, the subreport does not show/hide based on the selected parameter value.  It does not show at all.
The parameter checkbox does show when I make the schedule and all the other base subreports will run and (in this case) attach to an e-mail properly.
If I remove the "Print When Expression" and leave it blank the sub report does display in the resulting e-mail attachment.
Am I using an incorrect statement for the "Print When Expression"?  
Is there a server setting that would affect the handling of the "Print When Expression"?
Any insite would be appreciated.
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2 Answers:

There's a "Parameters" tab in the schedule menu. You'll need to set all the parameters there.

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Thank you for the suggestion hozawa, but I have set the parameters via the parameters tab.

When I check the {Show_Customer_Synopsis} parameter (checkbox) on the scheduled report, and run the schedule, it does not include the associated subreport, but if I run the same report from the library of jasper server (selecting the checkbox) it does include the sub report.

I can't help but think it has something to do with the "Print When Expression" handling since if I have no "Print When Expression" then it will include the subreport in the scheduled output.  Currently I use the expression:  $P{Show_Customer_Synopsis}==Boolean.TRUE


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