How to use multiple columns in conditional styles expression?

I have a table which cells fill values from 0 to 3 ( from dataset). I need that cell were painted according to the value. Now I know that a can create a conditional styles for every field in dataset:

  1. $F{MONDAY}.doubleValue() == 0
  2. $F{MONDAY}.doubleValue() == 1
  3. $F{MONDAY}.doubleValue() == 2
  4. $F{MONDAY}.doubleValue() == 3

So create the same for the rest days of week. But this way is extremly ineffetive and comlicated.

What should i use instead of $F{<DAYOFWEEK>} to include all columns into expression? So i could create one style with the four conditional styles and apply it for every column.

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I have not got an answer on my question

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It's a strange that there is no such an obvious feature.

Great film, btw :)

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1 Answer:

Haven't tried it myself but have you read the following thread? The bug may be fixed in the current version.

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