Infinite loop on table overflow

   Ive got a very simple report where we have a pageHeader, detail and pageFooter band.  The only thing in the detail band is a table (componentElelment).  The report generates fine as long as the number of rows in that table is low enough so it doesnt need to overflow (about 50 or so rows).  Once the table is larger than that then we get into that infinite loop condition.  If I switch the isPrintWhenDetailOverflows to false then we dont get the infinite loop issue and the report will generate however it generates a second page and the only thing on that second page is the Header & Footer, No continuation of the detail band and the table.
Im assuming that when the isPrintWhenDetailOverflow is true the engine sees its overflowing and instead of picking up with the next row of the table on the next page its trying to generate the whole table again on the next page and sees it needs to overflow and so on and so on.
Should we be using that table differently than just putting it in the detail band.  I tried removing the detail band and putting the table in a group but that resulted in the same infinie loop.
Thanks in advance.
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