Chart data repeats on the wrong data

I want to generate a report with the downtime of some servers. When the report is generated it shows every server (which is right) but the line chart is everytime of the same server and repeats. I have tried everything to fix it, also changing the band. After changing into the summary or title band the server is only once but the charts of the other servers are still missing.

The SQL data is:

select * from availability_view
left join asset_view
on availability_view.SERVER = asset_view.NAME
AND availability_view.DOWNTIME_MINUTES > 0 group by server

Preview of the report:

Preview of the report

JaspersoftStudio design and chart data configuration:

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I've not solved the problem but find out that the chart takes the data of all servers for one chart. That's the reason for everytime the same chart per server. How could I define that I want to have only the data of one server per chart?

tobias.kuppe - 6 years 1 month ago

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