Base64 image inside Page Header is not repeating after first page.

I have a Base64 image inside the pageheader. However upon running the report the image only displays on the first page, not on rest of the pages.

The JRXMLs are given as below:

<variable name="PageHeader" class="java.lang.String">
Page Header: 
<band height="55" splitType="Stretch">
<reportElement mode="Opaque" x="-10" y="-10" width="772" height="55" isPrintWhenDetailOverflows="true" uuid="81b42e7c-9af4-4c80-8034-2783000e584e">
<property name="" value="pixel"/>
<imageExpression><![CDATA[new ByteArrayInputStream(Base64.decodeBase64($V{PageHeader}.getBytes()))]]></imageExpression>
<textField evaluationTime="Page">
<reportElement x="-5" y="2" width="735" height="33" forecolor="#050000" uuid="a719242d-3931-4867-9322-462e4cf0e9b9"/>
<font fontName="Arial" size="13" isBold="true"/>
<textFieldExpression><![CDATA["Program / Project Status Report "+ $V{ProjectCode_Name} + $V{AsOfDate} + $V{VoyaStatusReportStage}]]></textFieldExpression>
Is there any other configurational entries, I missed???


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Hello user, you can get this finally ? Can you said me step by step how can you show me how do it? Thanks for all.
dcdacd - 5 years 10 months ago

2 Answers:


Try to set Reset Type = "Page" for your variable.

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Thank You so much. That did the trick. Have a great day ahead.

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