JasperReports 6.3 and DataStax DDC Cassandra 3.9.0

I would like to connect to Cassandra 3.9.0 (DataStax DDC) from JasperReports Server community edition (Product Version: 6.3.0, Build: 20160629_1853) and from Jaspersoft Studio 6.3.1.final.
When I create a Data Adapter for Cassandra Connection (no user/no password) and then click Test it works OK and says Successful. The same works well from cqlsh and from DatastaxDevCenter 1.6 as well.
But when I write a CQL query for my report and click "Read fields" it does not show anything. So I cannot even see Fields in my report.
My CQL query is simple:
select customer_name, bs_customer_id, crm_customer_id, my_id from customers
I could see similar questions on this forum already but no helpful answer :(
Any ideas where the issue might be?
Thanks and regards
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I'm experiencing the same issue.  Any luck resolving it?

rreeves - 6 years 7 months ago

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