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Hi Gurus,

We are  scheduling  reports.  Users are getting links and if they click then they will review report. 

But users doesn’t want to click  and  review report whenever there is no data in Report  .  ( They do not  want waste time to click  and review  empty report).

My question is,  Is it possible  to send any message  along with schedule report link if there is  no data  or count of records.  So user will come to know  is  report empty or not. It will save user time.

I mean    User will get report link along with message as  count of number of records. so user will come to know either report has data or not before they click on the link.


is it possible  in jasper report schedule.? if yes any idea how can i achive this one?


please help me .

Thanks in advance for your time.


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what is your primary language for this?


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While creating the report itself (i mean to say in desgin process itself add an no data band section and enable this in properties and deploy the report to the same in jasper server with all input,parameter in such way that report should work on jasper server) and then try with scheduling  reports,it should work if not let me know we will try for some othe stuff meanwhile i will try for the same,Its not an exact answer but should help you out.

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