Report Layout Question/Advice


I have a report that is essentially 3 discrete pages.. each page has a dynamic area and some header and footer verbiage (hence a "page" may actually span several pages).

I am wondering what is the best way to lay out this report.


"Page 1"

Header section where a student can write in name, address etc.

Then a table that outlines the courses currently offered, with some footer instructions on only selecting up to 5 classes.


"Page 2"

Details about sports teams the student can play on and then a table listing all available sports that year.


"Page 3"

Instructions on class trips and a table outlining what class trips are available.



Would I be best suited to use sub reports?  Multiple Detail bands, tables, or a combination to achieve this type of layout?




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1 Answer:

Create 3 different jrxml (report layout) for each "page" and use report book to concatenate them together.

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