How to insert a column in an existing table


I am trying to insert a column with multiple values in an existing table. i did a first job, creating a table X with some column and now i want to add in the table X new columns. I tried insert in action in the datatabase and default action in table and when i am seeing the table in mysql nothing is added. 

PS: iam very fresh in japersoft etl

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Ok, the question is about Jaspersoft ETL and not about JasperReports librarry.

Which component are you using?

hozawa - 6 years 2 months ago

thanks for your comment!

I have 3 excel files and i want to find erros in the data inside the files. i found the erros using inner join with the fac table and catch output erros. in tMap i created a table X to put the erros for the first excel file. Now the same with the secod file but i can not add the erros in the same table i mean in the table X.

pls let me know if u need more information.

Thank you in advance

armel.qojdeshi_1 - 6 years 2 months ago

1 Answer:

after evaluating the sql in the dataset and query window, the fields will be added to the table element.

after adding,

  1. double click on the table element
  2. expand the Table -> click on any of the bands and expand (Table Header / Column Header / Detail / Column Footer/Table Footer)
  3. you should see columns.
  4. right click on one of the columns and click Create Column after or Create Column Before
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