Jaspersoft server excel export cell height increases


I've designed the report in Jaspersoft (5.6.1). When I upload it to server and export to excel, the cell height changes according to the next cell item.

Assume there is text field of height 0.20 inches and next to it is a Chart of Height 5.20 Inches. When I export this design from studio, it works fine. But when I export to excel from JasperServer, the Text field cell height increases according to height of Chart.

I'm sure I kept each field's position type to Fix realtive to Top and Strech type to No strech.

Is there any special settings to be done on Server side too?

FYI, I followed all tips for Excel export



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3 Answers:

5.6.1 still had some bugs and is no longer supported. Recommend that you try with newer version to find if the problem has been corrected or not.

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Since the report is exporting properly in JSS, make sure your jasperreports.properties match between Jaspersoft Studio (Properties -> Jaspersoft Studio -> Properies ) and Jasper Reports Server (/webapps/jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/classes/jasperreports.properties)

Watch specially the net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.* ones.

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Hi Maria,

When I open the Design file in JSS, the default properties shows the "Configure workspace setting".In the workspace settings, I don't see the Excel export features. Also there is an option for Use Project settings, but this option is not selected by default. However all export settings are done at the project level.


As I couldn't change the deafult use setting to Project for JSS, I've added the following properties to JSS under Workspace settings.


I appened the same in /webapps/jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/classes/jasperreports.properties and restarted the services. But still the issue persists when I export to excel.
Please see the difference how it exports to excel from server and from JSS respectively. It happens not only with Chart. It happens even with the text field which are adjacent and the height is different.Please do advise


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