Strange problem with passing Dashboard parameters in URL

Hello Everyone. 

I have a strange behaviour when passing parameters through a hyperlink inside a dashboard dashlet. I am ushing Jasperserver 6.3. The scenario is the following

I have a main dashboard that contains 2 reports. Both of the reports have the same input controls(names of  parameters are the same so there is no mismatch errors). The input controls are filters inside the dashboard and the parameters are propperly mapped.Each of these reports is a collection of hyperlinks. The hyperlinks are built so that they take the input control values selected and link to either a report or a dashboard with the selections pre filled by the main report.

All parameters work well and the values are selected and propagated as expected with the exception of two filters/parameters. They are calendar types and the situation is as below(pease see screenshots)

When selecting values from the dashboard filters the url is generated correctly in the text string with the dates populated as they should be


The problem is that when i click on the link, the url gets distorted, but only for the two date fields(other parameters are passes OK):


The stranger part is, that when i use the report that contais the links by itself, and give it the start_date and end_date from its own input controls the same url is generated but when i cklick on the link it works without the values being distorted. In short the problem appears only when using it form the main dashboard

As a note,in Jasper studio the hyperlink is of type Reference and Target Blank in order to open in a new page.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if this is a Jasper Server Bug

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are you trying to pass date parameters that are of class java.sql.Date or java.sql.Timestamp ?

may be you need to properly format those dates. I'm not sure but give it a try.


reportdev - 6 years 5 months ago

the parameters are Date type.The input controls are calendar type for picking desired dates. The jasper server configuration has been changed from the default to mm/dd/yy format for dates, however Jasperserver only accepts yyyy-mm-dd format as a valid format when passing parameters in  the URL. This is however of no consequence since the values are passed correctly as evidenced by the generated url in the screenshot. If i copy paste that in the browser the propper dashboard, with correct passed values are going to be loaded.

Furthermore, as i mentioned, if the report used in the dashlet is run standalone(not in the dashboard), the valus from the input controls(that are filters in the dashboard) are passed correctly to the links and reports/dashboards run as desired.

The confounding part is why Jasper changes the generated URL when clicking the link from the dashboard(and only for these input controls, others don't behave like this) but doesn't do it when clicking it from the report? and how can i make it stop behaving this way? :)


Alex42 - 6 years 5 months ago

Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?

matthewgreger - 6 years 5 months ago
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I am also facing the same issue. At report level everything works fine. but for dashboard hyperlinks getting same issue as mentioned above. Input controls are Date type.



msanjay - 5 years 11 months ago

I am having the exact same issue. Has anybody found any resolution yet

psoni_1 - 4 years 6 months ago

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