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Hi all,

I am using the table component and am wondering if there is a way to show/hide group headers based on a parameter? I would like users to be able to choose from a yes/no input control for 'Show Subheading' and the table to include or not the group header row. Effectively I need a 'print when' expression on the group header row but it seems like this is not available, so is there a way I can achieve this?

I have managed to get the fields themselves in the header to show/hide using 'print when' on the fields. However, the row itself still shows. I have tried selecting 'Remove lines when blank' and 'blank when NULL' on the fields but this doesn’t have any effect.

I have also managed to achieve this in a report (not using the table component) using the 'print when expression' on the header band. However, I would users to be able to use the table component features such as changing/sorting/filtering columns etc.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thanks Jason

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