Field created through Dataset and Query dialog returns null as output.


Please help me to figure the issue.


I clicked on Dataset and Query dialog icon and entered class name in javabean as com.pojos.jasper.ReportDataExport. I can see my method getFrameElement() getting populated. I cliked ADD SELECTED FIELDS and clicked OK. 

Then I pulled the field $F{frameElement} into the report. But it gives NULL instead returning datalist . Expected output is the list of data in datalist.


public List<String> getframeElement() { List<String> datalist = new ArrayList<>(); final int size1 = Export.getdetails().getdata().getdata().size(); for (int i = 0; i <= size1; i++) { final String data = Export.getdetails().getdata().getdata().get(i).getLongName();           datalist.add(data);        }       return datalist; }

find the image of jasperreport.

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