Design Issue


1. I removed the print repeat option .But when go to one group to next ,
   if the data same as previous group,then data missing(cant set count==1,because it may contain different type data)
2. If one group of data overflows page 1 to page 2,then the border line of table(bottom line)
   missing,if any one knows pls help me, how to keep table bottom line without breaking,
   even if data overflows to next page. my issues marked in the image given below
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1 Answer:

If you have created groups in order to achieve this report,

  • For showing details when the page changes: Select the fields and on the text field properties, check the Print In First Whole Band option.
  • For Showing details when each group changes: Select the fields you want to show when group changes, select your group name in the Group Changes option of Print When.



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