Marker Limitation While Exporting Google Map to PDF (Jasper Studio 6.3.1)

I have huge number of coordinate data (long and lat with Double format) that need to be plotted as marker on the map report but i stuck on this problem.

Those markers won't displayed on map when i've tried to export the report as PDF or any static file like DOC. If i limit the number of coordinate data become < 65 (less then 65), it's works normally and the markers showed on the map. So my question is, how to export Jasper report map containing big number of markers to PDF ?

I use Jasper Studio v6.3.1, remind that this similar issue has been mentioned at #3395 where the jasper version used is v5.5.1 and the limitation of markers is 21. If this problem is purely a bug so hopefully it can be fixed soon or if there're anyone who know how to solve this problem please tell me. Any kind of help, comment, or suggestion will be very appreciated..

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