How to change start day of WEEK for Relative Dates with no access to properties file


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How do i change the startDayOfWeek or endDayOfWeek in an expression, since i believe the only way to change this is by a function, or parameter? however, i am not sure...? 

When i don't have access nor can have access to change the server setting. We cannot change the server setting since it's multi-client(s) server.

 in WEB-INF/classes/

I use this and its perfect,

However, based on my local/timezone information, my start date is starting on Monday (1)  and i need Sunday (0). 

I don't know how to set this. Is it set in the start and end date parameters?

<parameter name="weekStartDate" class="" isForPrompting="false">
<parameterDescription><![CDATA[Week Start Date]]></parameterDescription>
<parameter name="startDate" class="java.util.Date">
<parameterDescription><![CDATA[Start Date]]></parameterDescription>


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