Jasper Server Attributes

  • {attribute('host','User')} - Host will be derived categorically from the logged-in user's attributes, because the "User" category is specified.
  • {attribute('port','Tenant')} - Port will be derived from the logged in user's organization attributes.
  • {attribute('port','Server')} - Database will be derived from the server-level attributes.

The URL defaults from the host, port, and database fields automatically.

  • {attribute('userName')} - The user name will be derived hierarchically, because no category is specified. JasperReports Server will look for a host first in the logged in user's attributes, then in the organization attributes, and finally the server-level attributes.
  • {attribute('password')} - The password field can also reference an attribute, here a hierarchical attribute.

Anyone how to use this attributes. please give an example.

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you can read up more about profile attributes in JasperReports Server Administrator guide in chapter 2.4 and chapter 5.5.2. I've attached it to this answer for your convenience.

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