Is Jasper Reporting good candidate for AWS?

We are planning to use dynamic jasper API 5.0.7 (without jasper server) to generate the report. One report took approx. 2 GB memory.

Question is, Is this reporting application (jar/war) good candidate to deploy on cloud (AWS)?

If yes then what is the pros and cons? Any link?

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1 Answer:

Hello Anil,

reports depending on their complexity can use up a lot of memory, for example, a very large crosstab with a lot of calculations that have to be done in memory. It's hard to tell what you would need to optimize in order to make reporting less memory-consuming. JasperServer reporting module is based on JasperReports library and is used successfully on a wide arrange of AWS EC2 instances. I do not have unfortunately any commentary on the DynamicJasper library.

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