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I am a beginner at using Jaspersoft pie charts and I was asked to generate an Ad-Hoc dual-level pie chart... could someone me a tutorial or some material for it?

basically the information I need to show is as follows:

- Domain: I firstly selected a pre defined Domain on my Projects Data (project info within the company) and selected 2 fields (department and project names) and 2 measures (nb hours and total cost)

- Inner Circle: Department (for example: HR, Finance, IT, etc)

- Outer Circle: Project Names (for example: New Website, Maintenance, Support, etc)

- Measures: Nb hours worked and Total Cost


How could I arrange the data so that it works? I do not know where to drag and drop my data using the Ad Hoc interface... I tried to drag Department and Project Names into "Rows" and Measures into "Columns" but I keep getting error messages or it simply does not show any data or empty chart :(((


Many thanks in advance

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2 Answers:


Take a look at this tutorial:


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Thanks Elizam.  I have read this same tutorial before :) after spending quite a few hours I have found a way to show only 1 measure adding it in "Columns" and then in the "Rows" adding Project Names (outer circle) and then Department (inner circle) before Project Names.

My question now would be can add more than 1 measure? Nb hours, Total Labor Cost, Total Expense Cost, etc...

(see my detailed post with sketch: https://communities.ca.com/message/241933457)

Would it help to develop this report in Jaspersoft Studio?

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