Forcing Group band and detail band together(on a single page)



I am having one group band and 3 detail band sections. I want to display the group band and two detail bands together (While showing data, group band data showing on the first page and detail band is spliting into next page).

Let's say each record will have 

Group band

Record :  detail1




displaying record1




the record 3 will come at the bottom of the page. This record3 is splitting into detail1 at end of page1 and detail 2 at start of second page. Required both the bands need to keep together. Is there any option to tie them together.

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Keep those record 2,record 3 in a subreport and put that into main report detail band and in properties split type option give as prevent.

so, If reocord 3 data moving to next page both will not split.


Madan G.


madankumar688 - 3 years 9 months ago

Thanks Madan.

But I am having a group band above the records. It will be grouping and then displaying the records in that group in the detail band sections. I am having the 4 detail bands. So not able to use the subreports in this scenario. Instead of that, Is there any option to keep the bands together.  

srij.4568 - 3 years 8 months ago

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