Visualize.JS: Can we run a report in one page and later render the generated report in other page

Hi Experts,

We have a scenario where we have to initiate an asynchronous running of a report in one UI page and later (any time once it is completed, probably after few days), when it is completed, we need to render that report in other page.

I am not able to create the visual.js report instance for the above completed report instance so that I can render it.

Please tell me how to do this. Can we render a completed report instance later using visual.js with out running it again? Is there a way to create visualize.js report instance for completed report instance to render it with out running it? 



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1 Answer:

If the Visualize.js report changes after a few days (from the initial rendering) then you are going to need to rerun it again for it to render any changed information. Is there a particular reason you don't want it to re-run at a later time? You could code a function to either set a specific time or trigger by a method (action) to rerun this report and render it in your secondary page.

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