Rendering a scheduled report instance via visualize.js

Hi Experts,

Can we achieve the following scenario :

  1. Customer will schedule a report using resr2/jobs REST service and place the completed report instances (can be in any format like pdf, html etc) at a specific folder on jasper reports server.
  2. Later he will render the above report instance using Visualize.js

So the question is : can we render a scheduled report instance via visualize.js.



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Hi All,

Any one of you, please answer my question.


Sampathi G


sampath516 - 6 years 11 months ago

1 Answer:

While scheduling with Visualize.js directly is not yet available (REST services is the correct way today) you should be able to set predefined names for your reports and again, run Visualize.js to render the report at a set time. Since Visualize.js is a JavaScript library you have a host of ways you can control when and how the report renders in your page.

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