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Hi all,

can anybody explain me what is included in reportRenderingTime and how it is connected with asynchrounous report execution in visualize.js

I have reports (using jasper AWS server 6.0.1 and m3.medium package) where reportRenderingTime takes more then 90% of reportExecutionTime and Im not sure, but it seems this has influence on asynchrounous report execution in visualize.js as it wait a lot of time to show first page.



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I'm curious too.
My predecessor implemented Jasper 5.5 to replace an in house solution based on XML->XSLT->HTML.
The old solution with the same data renders content 10 time faster than jasper, at least.
Rendering a 30 page report takes forever (more than a minute) in Jasper when it's clear that the underlying data operation is fast enough to be completed in under 3 seconds.

I'm wandering what's going on.

francesco.basenghi_1 - 3 years 1 month ago

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