Setting Default Dashboard Input Control Values in JasperServer 6.2.1

We are currently in the process of upgrading from JasperServer 5.6.2 to 6.2.1.  A question has come up with regards to the new Dashboards contained in that new version.

In 5.6.2, after you had completed development of a dashboard you could go into design mode, set your input controls to be whatever you want and then save the dashboard.  When the dashboard was run, those default values would remain and be utilized by the dashboard.

In 6.2.1, we cannot figure out how to replicate this behavior.  In design mode, there doesn't be any way to interact with the input control to set a default value.  Our next thought was to go into Display mode, select them to be what is needed and save the dashboard from there.  When the dashboard is rendered, the input controls do not retain the saved values.

We suspect that you could always go into each individual report being utilzed by the dashboard and set a default value there.  Once the report is pushed up to the server, those default values might be picked up and utilized.  However, this is not a very feasible solution.  Our organization has some strict guidelines on what can be pushed into a production environment.  A simple change of an input control on each individual report would now require testing on a QA and UAT environments before it could be promoted to Production.  This would be to ensure that an invalid value wasn't inadvertantly set and cause an error state in production.

So to reiterate, in JasperServer 6.2.1, how can you set a default value on an input control for a completed dashboard, without pushing from the individual reports?


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