Need mysql configuration in jasperserver pro


Can anyone tell me that what mysql server memory is required for Jasper reports.

I am using jasper pro  6.0.1 with  using visualize.js.

My reports are coming very slowly. I dont know its configuration issue or what ?

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Visualize.js does not render report with same speed as jasper UI. It seems outputResource request waits till whole process complete.

Question is, does it have any connection with rendering report template file or it is really specific for mysql DB, since it works with MSSQL - 6 years 11 months ago

3 Answers:

Reports should execute at the same speed (maybe slightly slower) than it does on the JasperServer homepage. I do not have a lot of experience with visualize but when I tried it I did not configure anything other that the connection.

If your report runs slow in the JasperServer homepage try to improve performance on the database.

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Memory required by the database is based on your data and table structure. Try googling to find how to configure mysql memory settings.


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When i am executing query from MYSQL it is taking  "Showing rows 0 - 499 (68311 total, Query took 0.0102 seconds.)".

I execute this query from Jasper admin and its taking 3-4 seconds to load first page then its processing for remaining pages.

But when i am using visualize.js to fetch data then its taking more than 30 seconds to load the data. some times 40 seconds.

I am not sute but I think visualize.js waits untill all pages are getting execute.

I want to set same mechanism as Jasper admin in visualize.js.


Can any one help me, why visualize.js taking big time.

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