Visualize query execution slower then in Jasper server web UI interface

I have mysql database and jasper server 6.1 connected.

When I execute report(containing about 2000 pages) through jasper server web ui, it returns first page after few seconds and continute to load data in behind till it count all pages. And that is fine, expected behavior.

However, visualize does not work in that manner. It shows first page in same time when changeTotalPages event fire.

changeTotalPages: function(pages) {

Why is this happening with mysql db? I know visualize.js should fetch first page as soon as possible and then trigger subsequent status requests to the server to fetch totalPages.

Does this link solves issue here. Anyone has experience?

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1 Answer:

You can use a special event ‘pageFinal’ which triggers when first page is ready.
events: {
            pageFinal: function(el) {
                alert("Page is final!", el);
See the following example...
With this the first page will show before all report pages are ready.
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