Jasper CSV report data shifted to previous columns


I am designed jasper report using jrxml file for CSV and I am able to see data alignment properly in Ireport tool but when I executed/generated the report as part of a application (Java/j2EE),

the column data is preshifting in some rows.

like 5th column data to 4th column, 4th column data to 3rd column,etc...

Does anyone has faced the similar issue.

I have set pagewidth and pageheight values 5000,150 and columnwidth 5000.


Is it causing by the data which is having null values or special characters?

I am fetching the data from JDBC for the report generation.


Can you assist me to resolve it.

Thank you.


ram A

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I have a date column(timestamp is the data type in Database) in my report and I have set the width as 50.

Is it causing the issue.



Ram A

atthi.ramudu - 6 years 8 months ago

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