How to deploy master report on jasper server with subreports path referenced locally

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I have multiple sub reports in my master report and I need to deploy them on server, So instead of adding all the subreports jrxml on server and then refering the repo:<path>, I tested from my local with the local machine path "C:\\Users\\POC\\JaspersoftWorkspace\\MyReports\\Test_Summary.jrxml" and it worked locally but am facing difficulty while deploying this same reports on server, Please suggest how to point the subreports without adding them to server, as I have almost 15 subreports and if even one change then have to do for all and then upload which is very troublesome..

Following is my Source snippet:


<reportElement x="-20" y="310" width="181" height="20" uuid="b948df22-ab7f-4082-b6fb-5dc83906e8ac"/>


using JasperSoft Studio 6.2.1 final edition to create reports.(installed on local machine)

Jasper server : 6.3 Community Edition (on private cloud connected to local network)

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Please any one tell me the solution...

nisha.saini - 5 years 9 months ago

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