Japersoft Report, negative variance in red color

I am creating a Jasper Report with two drill down reports. Main report(1), a drill down report(2) which further has a drill down report(3). Report 3 feeds the data to Report 2, then Report 2 feeds the data to Report 1. Variance is being calculated in all the reports and should come in red color if its negative. The red color style is correct for Report 3 (i.e. Positive in Black and Negative in Red). So there is no error in applying style. It is coming correct for Report 3, but not for Report 2 and Report 1 because the data of these 2 reports are fed by other reports. Thus for Report 1 & 2, I am getting some positive numbers in red color too( which is not expected) and some negative in black(default color) . Any solution to this issue is highly appreciable.

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