Setting up pagination within a drill down report generated from another report link event in Visualize.js

I am trying to create controls to move between the different pages in a report generated from another report. 

A drill down repor is created from the first report and paramaters are passed from the report to the drilldown. The drilldown report is being created from the event on the linkOptions. I've added what this looks like below (not a working example). 

I have tried different methods for pagination but can't get it working possibly because the drilldown is created via an event on the first report.

How can pagination control next page, current page, previous page etc be made to work with a drilldown report?

var report ={
        resource: "",
        container: "#container",
linkOptions: {
            events: {
               "click": function (ev, link) {
                     drilldown =  v("#drill-down").report({
                            resource: link.parameters._report,           
            events: {
                "click": function(ev, link){
                        var url = link.href;
        error: function (err) {
                            params: {
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