Tool Tip When Mouse Over Report Name

I know you can enter tooltips inside a report and on the input controls, etc, but was hoping to be able to enter a tooltip on the report name as shown on the main Reports menu which lists all reports.   For example, you would mouse over a report name from the list and it would give you a tooltip regarding the report contents to help the user better select the report they need to run.    I realize I could use the description field for this, but thought tooltips may allow more characters.

I am using Studio and JS 6.1



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4 Answers:

I'm using JS 6.2 and the tooltip will show up when hovered on the description. 

There is a 250 character limit on the description. 

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You can create a "Feature Request" at Tracker for this.

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You must understand that tooltips are available on Images, text fields, charts, etc but not on Static Fields. So make sure that your report name is a Text field enclosed in double quotes.
For example, if my report name is Data Distribution, the text field will look like below;

Then follow the below steps;
1) Right Click on the text field and select Hyperlink.
2) You will notice the below dialog box;

3) Enter the fields as selected above.


Please be advised, I am using iReport designer and in case you are using Studio, I am pretty sure the setting may not be very different apart from the fact that hyperlink would be available in the side bar properties.
Also, The reason why I selected "Hyperlink Type" as "Reference" is because I wanted a curson pointer (not visible in the screenshot). 


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Thanks for the responses.  I will use the descriptions with the 250 word limit.

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