IReport 5.6.0 is not working for java 8

when we open the report template is not flashes and goes out..................

The only way I found to fix this issue is to change the JAVA_HOME variable to jdk 7 path....Is there is any other way to fix this issue without changing the JAVA_HOME variable ??


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2 Answers:

iReport is depreciated and the project development has already stopped. That's why JDK1.8 is not supported and will not be supported.

The new JasperReports Design tool is Jaspersoft Studio - this supports JDK1.8.

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iReport doesn't support JDK8! Down grade to JDK7.

modifying the parameter JDKHOME = "C: \ Java \ jdk1.7.0_45" in ireport.conf file. 



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