Slow to Launch Ad-Hoc View

Hello, we are using server Jaspersoft server 6.1. We are experiencing long wait / load times to launch our ad-hoc views. When we select one of our ad-hoc views, we see the "Loading Please Wait" circle for about a second, and then a blank gray screen for around 45 seconds, and then "Loading Please Wait" circle again for about 10 seconds before we finally see our view.

Admittedly, the queries are rather large and the domain used pulls real-time data (not using data warehouse). Has anyone ran into this issue? What options do we have?


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2 Answers:

Yes. Decided to build my own tool instead of using JasperReports Server Adhoc Report.

I've tried pre-caching the data so decrease page display time but got into a trouble with cache timing maintenance.

If you want to use JasperReports Server adhoc report, recommend that you keep your query simple and limit the size of data.

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Hello Frank,

performance of ad hoc view can depend on a lot of factors such as data source, type of visualization, size of the data, etc. For example crosstabs and charts aggregate data and if you have a large data set the aggregation process can take up some time. Make sure you are viewing the sample data not the full data set when you open a view. You may want to try opening the browser's developer tools and in the network tab check what requests take up the most time.

Significant time can be added by the domain if you use a lot of derived tables, calculated fields, etc.

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