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I am testing performance of jasper server(6.2.0) using jmeter. I have created test plan by hitting some urls of jasper reports(using bean data source to fill the reports by fetching data from mysql using hibernate 3.3.2) in jasper server(running on my local machine).

After starting or restarting jasper server and running my test plan in jmeter then mysql(running on my local machine) is giving error of too many connections and all max possible connections of mysql are going in a sleep mode and jmeter is giving error of jasper server can not open connection to mysql and all these connections in sleep mode can not be used.
Jmeter is giving same error can not open connection by running jmeter test plan whatever number of times until I restart mysql.
I am using hibernate(3.3.2) with c3p0 connection pool still number of mysql connections are exceeding the max pool size.

After restarting mysql everything working as normal, c3p0 pool is getting configured properly, number of mysql connections are as per the max pool size property of c3p0, jasper server now can obtain mysql connections and jmeter test plan is returning result with 100% success rate.

What could be the issue of jasper server and mysql connections when running the jmeter test plan for first time after restarting jasper server? Why all max possible connections are going in sleep mode? And why all these connections can not be re-used until restarting mysql?

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