AWS hourly fees


What exactly does an hourly fee for the Jaspersoft software mean?  Are you able to turn the service on and off, and only get billed for the clock time in which it is enabled?

If so

  • how does one do this in the AWS environment?
  • is it possible to enable before every report you run and disable afterward, and only get billed for the clock time when the software was enabled?

If not

What does hourly billing mean?

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1 Answer:


Yes, you can turn the service on and off. It's basically an Amazon thing, not a Jaspersoft thing, so I don't know how granular it is, but I'm pretty sure that if you run it for five minutes, you won't get charged for an hour. Amazon appears to call it "on demand".

There's some info about Jaspersoft on AWS here:

and that doc links to Amazon info on starting and stopping:

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