Drilling down from a Multiaxis chart


I have created 2 multiaxis charts.  One has team capacity by time period (hours available and assigned on the y axis, and months/weeks in the x axis).  The second report shows resource capacity in a given timeperiod (hours available and assigned on the y axis, and resource name on the x axis).  I would like to drill down from the first graph to the second but I'm having a little problem in doing so.  

I see I can specify a hyperlink at either the multiaxis level, at the bar chart level or at the series level.  Where should the hyperlink info be entered?  I have tried it in the bar chart level, and that doesn't even make the bar "clickable".  I added the hyperlink info at the multiaxis level, and that works a bit better... When I do this, the _report parameter and the period_type (week or month) values are passing correctly to the drilldown, but the actual time period (the date) which should correspond to the column they are clicking on, is not passing correctly- it is passing a random date.  I added the date as a "tooltip" for the graph, and no matter where you click in the graph, it always displays the same "random" date (see screenshot).  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  



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