How do you resolve Socket Closed?

One of the reports that I have prepared is quite extensive, and takes a little bit more time than my other reports to run if you only use one parameter.  When still in the iReport, using one parameter, it does run after some time.  Once I publish it though, after attempting to run for about 3 minutes or so, I get

Socket Closed

I'm assuming that it is taking too long and it is timing out. I've cleaned up the code to make sure only the necessities are there, and I cannot change the report.

Below is the error:

Any ideas?

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1 Answer:


• Stop  the jasper server service
• increase the timeout in <JasperServer_Installed_Dir>\webapps\reportservice\WEB-INF\jasperserver-servlet.xml. Modify property as below.
<property name="lockTimeoutSeconds" value= “4500” "90"/>  ## //Increase seconds as per report running time, for example value change to 90

• Start/Restart  Jasper server service
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