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I have a php application that contain some reporting in it , and try to migrate it to jasperserver using the jasper php client.I want to use jasperreport server to generate to contract details that contains some sections in it .and every sections contains multiple clause in it.

the problem is within the clause itself because some of them contains dynamic content like :

the contract of this user will begin in the /start_date/ and end in /end_date/

so in php i was using some preg_match and regular expressions to change /start_date/ and /end_date/ to some predifined value by a user.

the problem is im using sql as datasource in jaspersoft and i can't change those parameters when selecting clauses in the section.

Can someone point me to the right direction to achieve that,and to some example like because i can't tell japsersoft  that those parameter he fetches from the clause column content are dynamic.


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