Jasper Server - Error when sub report is called from other sub report


I have a master report with many sub-reports, from sub reports, I’m calling another sub reports, basically I have three levels of reports, like the example below:

                        Master Report

                                Sub Report 1

                                Sub Report 2

                                                Sub Report 2.1

                                Sun Report 3


In Studio, the report is able to call all the sub reports and get all the information without issue.  My problem is when I’m moving this report to Jasper Server.

From Jasper Server, I’m getting this error:

Error Message

net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Resource not found at: Paltel/AgentsPerformance/Sub_AgentsPerformaceByUserDomain.jasper.

This error is in reference to the Sub Report 2.1  (IN RED COLOR)

I have tried to publish the report using repo: location and also form Server add the report .jrxml file as resources into the specific location, however is not working.


any idea how to fix this issue will be highly appreciate.

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1 Answer:


below the answer to my question:

1.        In studio, go to Repository Explorer, navigate to the specific project, select main.jrxml file, using right button select Properties

2.       Go to Resource Editor Tab

3.       Copy Parent Folder contain

4.       In Studio, go the main report and all sub reports, replace the sub report Expression using the value from Parent Folder


Replace this value:


With the following value:


5.       Save the main report and sub reports

6.       Compile all the reports modified

7.       Publish Main report

8.       In studio, go to Repository Explorer, select the folder where is the specific project and using right button select option New

9.       Select JRxml option

10.    Type the sub report name to aggregate to the specific project.   Click Next

11.    Select option Upload From Workspace

12.    Select the sub report from workspace list

13.    Select Finish

14.    Repeat steps 8 to 12 for each sub report existing (in the main report and also in sub reports called by other sub reports)


NOTE:  Once modified the sub report Expression, the report won’t run in Studio, will be necessary to restore the original Expression to execute the report in Studio.


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