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I am using the Jaspersoft for Reportibng and Analytics AWS image. I am trying to generate reports from a Cassandra database. I have configured the DataSource and a test is successful in JasperServer Pro. I am also able to connect to the Cassandra DB using an external client. 

When creating a Domain I am unable to select the Cassandra DataSource I have created. I found the below page that seems to indicate that this isn't possible. I am trying to create a Domain because that seems to be necessary when creating Ad Hoc Views which seem to be necessary to generate reports.

When trying to generate a report from Jaspersoft Studio I am able to connect to the database, but my query returns null (SELECT * FROM test;). I can connect to the DB with DBeaver and I do see the table with the data inside. Also worth noting that the query works in cqlsh.

I might be missing something easy here, but I cannot seem to figure it out. Is it in fact possible to create reports (reports, domains, and ad hoc views) with a Cassandra data source? If so, is there any documentation I may be able to read up on (or can you point me in the right direction with the Jaspersoft guides?)

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I figured out that a Virtual Data Source is needed to create Domains from Cassandra data sources. However, I am having issues creating the Domain. The Submit button stays greyed out. If I remove the disabled tag from the button and click Submit, I get an error:

The Domain schema is invalid. Review the schema.

Does anyone have any insight as to the fix for this?


jensen.seth - 6 years 8 months ago

Disregard. The problem was I had to design the Domain before I could submit.....

jensen.seth - 6 years 8 months ago

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