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When I implement the report hyperlinks as found on , I get a crazy bug. After I click on a hyperlink on a graph to trigger a drilldown, the jasperreport graph goes haywire with "cannot read property 'call' of undefined" errors. When I hover outside the report, I get hundreds of the errors, most likely due to visualize.js all of a sudden listening to mousemove events outside of the report. I am then unable to highlight/focus/click any other hyperlink/element on the report.

Anyone know if there is a fix for this?

Should have mentioned that I found a fix if anyone else encountered a similar problem.
In the linkOptions->events report property, in addition to a 'click' listener, I gave a 'mouseOut' and a 'mouseOver' listeners. I gave them null dummy functions that did absolutely nothing, and then the problem disappeared.

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1 Answer:

In this fiddle you can see how hyperlinks should be implemented using Visualize.js.

With this example, when you select from a city in the report it will open a secondary report below.


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