Cell truncates String after space during exporting report into Excel format in JasperServer 6.0.1

I am exporting report in Excel sheet from Jasper Server 6.0.1 into Excel and Excel2007 (xlsx).

I have two machine with Jasper Server. Configuration properties looks the same on both machines. I am using the same .jrxml file on both machines.

I have notice that on one machine I have truncated String after space in Excel sheet. I have tried to export report in both formats Excel and Excel2007, but the results is the same.

Do you have any ideas how to debug this error? What settings on Jasper Server can cause truncating of String in Excel cell?

Where should I start looking for difference?

Ex. On one report i got in cell value "ONE (TWO THREE)", but on the other it truncates to ONE (TWO".

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