[Solved] JasperServer: Find Domain <-> AdHoc View/Report Mapping


I am using JasperServer and the following error keeps showing when trying to modify a domain:

"You are attempting to modify fields that are used in the following Ad Hoc views or reports. You can't save the Domain in its current state. To resolve dependencies, note the information below and remove the fields from the views and reports where they occur.
One or more resources that you do not have permission to access."

Is there a way to find to which hadoc views/reports that a specific domain is connected? I am logged with an admin user, and I can do minor changes in the domain.

Thanks in advance


EDIT: I just gave up and copied the domain and started over again, but  the same message is still showing.

EDIT2: Found the problem - I was mapping a CLOB field without configuring it (in my case I want to read it as a String).

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