Eclipse Mars >> JasperSoft Studio >> Java 1.6 >> Compatibility Compiler to Jasper v4.5.1 - will it work?

I need to know if this setup will work or not - i.e. is Eclipse Mars or JSS 6.2.2 plug-in going to require JDK 8 and not even allow this workflow between versions?

Eclipse Mars >> JasperSoft Studio >> Java 1.6 >> Compatibility Mode Compiler to Jasper v4.5.1?

Inherited a project with Jasper Server 4.5.1, Jasper Reports 4.5.1, Java 1.6_029.  We're stuck with it for now.

Previous developer was using iReport 4.5.1.  Very buggy, crashes a lot - little or no support in forums - no one really cares about iReport anymore, so confidence is not high that I can even use this tool reliably in our dev stack.

Found JSS and plugged in to Eclipse Mars:

-got the reverse compiler pack for JSS

-workspace is running JDK 6

-project is setup for JDK 6

ISSUE:  I can run a report (preview) and the JSS console says Compiling Report....DONE.  But there are no .jasper files being created.  At first I was getting class not found/can't be loaded for jaspersoft compiler, that's magilicously disappeared after I toggled Jasper Nature on project.  WHERE ARE THE .jasper FILES UPON COMPILATION GOING?  If JSS is showing report previews, isn't it having to compile them?  I've seen some threads about resource locations, etc. - but I've done a search for .jasper files being created and they are nowhere to be found anywhere in Eclipse or the original report directory or anywhere else.


Start Compilation with command:
java -cp C:\dev\dev_apps\iReport-4.5.1\*;C:\dev\mars1\TEST PROJECT\bin\;C:\dev\dev_apps\iReport-4.5.1\platform9\lib\ojdbc6-;C:\dev\dev_apps\eclipse-mars\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\969\0\.cp\lib\js-common.jar;C:\dev\dev_apps\eclipse-mars\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\969\0\.cp\lib\js-extra-classes.jar com.jaspersoft.jasperreports.toolkit.JRCompiler C:\dev\mars1\TEST PROJECT\reports\MyReportName.jrxml C:\dev\mars1\TEST PROJECT\reports\MyReportName.jasper
Error: Could not find or load main class com.jaspersoft.jasperreports.toolkit.JRCompiler
Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Duser.home=C:\Users\myname
Compilation terminated


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