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Hi, I'm new to iReport and i was wondering if i can create a report with only page header in it and then use it in my other reports so i would't have to create the same header over and over again. And if i change something in the main page header report it would change the other reports

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Can you give an simple example like the HML of the main report that gets its header from another reprot?


ahmy_1 - 6 years 11 months ago

1 Answer:

You can just create a report with the header and link to it as a subreport in your reports.

It's also possible to create a template but reports that used a template won't be updated when a template is modified.

That said, I actually just write a simple program/script that would insert xml tags/update jrxml files intead of doing the above because it's faster to render than using subreports.


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