Restrict user to access folders and Home page


I have created a new user and role - testUser and TEST_ROLE respectively. The "testUser" has been assigned "ROLE_USER" and "TEST_ROLE" as its roles.

Now when I login with "testUser", it shows me all the folders under /repository/root/ but in readonly mode (as is the properties of ROLE_USER). But I want that this new user should access only a single domain, view and report. He should be able to create reports/views using only one domain. Everything else should be hidden. All other folders under root/ i.e. Data Sources, Public, Temp, Themes, etc and the Home page as shown int the below image should be hidden.

How do I move ahead with this?

Kindly help out.

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Restricting user to view only specific reports

Create a new user.

Click on à Manage à Users

Click Add Userà create the user

Now create a new role.

Go to Manage à Roles à Add Role

Add role to user

Go to à Manage à Users à click on user à click “Edit”


Assign newly created user to both role that is “ROLE_USER” and “ila_users” (ila_users is the role I created you may choose any other name).

You have to select user and click on role and click the arrow button to add/assign role to user.

If you don’t assign the “ROLE_USER” to the newly created user it will not work.

Now if you want to the user in my case “my_user”  not to see “Data Sources” but able to run report, do the following:

Right click Data Sources à Premisions

Then choose “Execute Only” for both role that is “”ila_users” and “ROLE_USER”

Execute Only =Users can never see the folder or resource in the repository, but the reports, dashboard, or OLAP views that they run can access them.

Now if you want to give access to folder “Reports” then repeat above steps and give access “Read Only”

For more information on permission see link below:

sadoolp - 3 years 2 months ago

3 Answers:

You want to remove ROLE_USER from this user first off.

Then goto your domain and right click > Permissions and set TEST_ROLE to be administrator or whatever access you want them to have.



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Thank you butlerc but will that not affect the existing users created whihc use the role - ROLE_USER, for example - CaliforniaUser, demo, joeuser

Also, I need to restrict showing the home page as sown in the image, how can I do that?

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Check the Ultimate Guide on how to change menu depending on roles.

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