Unable to create reports with multiple web services as datasource


I am completly new to Jasper reports. I am trying to do a poc with Jasper Resport Server and Studio. I need to generate a report using multiple web service responses.

For eg: I have to list the employees, which invokes http://localhost:8282/hr/employees GET service with a token as header parameter. Also, I need to show a table in the bottom based on the some other field, say ethnicity. For that i need to invoke http://localhost:8282/hr/employees/groups GET service with the same token value in header. If I do with only one service, the report is working fine. However, if I add the 2nd web service as another dataset, the report fails with the error

"Caused by: net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Verb should be POST or GET . is not a valid verb".

I saw a similar question in the forum, here

But no answer for that. Can someone help me with this, or point me to the sample tutorials or documentation ?


Japser studio version : 6.2.2

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